Stamford FIRST is the “Stamford Neighbourhood Planning Forum” – a community group working under the auspices of Stamford Town Council and formed to take responsibility for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for your community.

The Forum will lead the process of creating the the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan, working closely with the community to develop the plan from start to finish.

It is envisaged that it will take approximately 12 – 18 months to complete.

Key among Stamford FIRST’s responsibilities is the requirement to ensure an effective consultation process takes place with the community, so that the final plan is genuinely shaped by local residents and represents their views.

In order to achieve this, Stamford FIRST will organise a number of engagement events at different locations around the town which will include meetings with residents, community groups, businesses and special interest organisations.

By attending these events or by completing the online and printed questionnaires which will be available to all residents you’ll be able to share your views about how you feel Stamford should develop.

It will also be the Forum’s responsibility to iron out any conflict between different views, and to make sure that the plan is realistic and robust.

To ensure good practice and transparency, Stamford FIRST has an adopted constitution, which can be seen here and to which the Group must adhere to throughout the process.