The consultation process will ensure that all sections of the community shape the plan and define it’s objectives. However as a starting point the Neighbourhood Planning Forum has identified the following priorities –

  • To protect the town’s unique character and heritage retain it’s strong local identity and distinctiveness.
  • To affirm which existing areas of green space should be retained including the open aspects of all approaches to the town and to create new open space within development areas.
  • To ensure that the town’s position as a destination tourist attraction is maintained and that it’s visitor offer is improved.
  • To increase housing in line with government guidelines.
  • To ensure investment in infrastructure and communications to support sustainable growth.
  • Seeking the development of the community facilities and assets as required by the growth agenda.
  • To ensure that the design and appearance of new developments is appropriate to the town’s sense of place.
  • To maintain and enhance the town centre and its vibrant retail economy.
  • To improve community life with particular regard for the vulnerable, 
disadvantaged and disabled by strengthening community services.
  • To attract public and private sector investment.
  • To attract new employers and help create sustainable new employment opportunities.